Technology Prototyping Service -- Fall 2014

Library Website Redesign

An image of july 25 style option of library homepage

Ongoing work in the new Library Homepage. Prototyping students are working on server side APIs that include Hours and Locations of Unit Libraries, and Room Reserve API. Staff are actively contributing to the rapid interface studies and graphic design elements needed to move project to completion. Gateway is slated to go live October 2014.

Hoot Pilot

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A pilot rollout of the Hoot course reserves wait list notification service is underway. The system allows desk staff to place a watch on an item so that the student can be notified by email or text message when the item is returned. Staff from the Undergrad Library and Main Stacks are using the software from October 16 until the end of the semester, providing bug reports and participating in focus groups on the service.

Web Based Wayfinder + Topic Space recommendations

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Student developers are completing work on the Web Based Wayfinder, incorporating location-based suggestions from Topic Spaces. Technologies used include Backbone.js, and a new Topic Spaces API.

Internal Grants: Innovation Fund

An image of bibframe HTML search result

There are two internal technology grants in development this academic year. One group of students is investigating using the Freebase API for International Student Search Query Support. Another team is investigating BIBFRAME transformation for enhanced discovery, with partners in the Main Library. The new BIBFRAME work will end up as a bento view in the Megasearch prototype.

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